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Kelly Andrews

Kelly Andrews

Kelly Andrews is the founder of Kelly Andrews LLC, a Wellness Coaching & Consulting business. She assists individuals, groups and communities in evolving to their greatest capacity through healthy, happy heart-centered living.

​Passionate about corporate wellness, Kelly has been leading teams in the Health and Wellness field for over 20 years.

​Her diverse experience and educational background make her uniquely quali#ed to serve in a variety of settings including corporate, higher education, non-profit, medical and fitness centers. As a Certified Wellness Coach, Holistic Stress Management Instructor, Yoga Instructor, and HeartMath® Trainer, Kelly shares paths to stress reduction, greater teamwork, and finding peace within.

Kelly has a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology from University of Tennessee and a Master’s in Athletic Administration from Florida State University. She lives in Lakeland, Florida with her husband Bill Andrews and their two cats Smoke and Cali.