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Debbie Zimmerman

Debbie Zimmerman

At an early age, Debbie Zimmerman vowed a lifestyle of prevention fearing she would face many of the debilitating diseases that plagued her family tree—heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Her commitment to an active lifestyle as an aerobic fitness instructor and personal trainer complimented her position as the Wellness Manager for Polk County Schools, the first school district in the nation to have an organized wellness program. During her 30-year career in corporate wellness, she was recognized and awarded on both state and national levels for her leadership in health care cost containment and disease management.

​Debbie is the founder of PhytoFit, LLC; her mission is to teach the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle for optimal health and wellbeing. From the corporate client to individuals, Debbie motivates her audience to make lifestyle modifications to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

​Debbie holds certifications in Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching, Plant-Based Nutrition, Group Fitness and Personal Training. She is a licensed and certified Food for Life Instructor through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She has a Bachelor of Science, Health Care Administration and Master of Business Administration from St. Leo University. Debbie co-founded Polk Wellness Professionals in 2011.

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