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Active Living Every Day

By Donna Kay Dinkins

Looking back at previous generations, we will see that our grandparents had many opportunities for daily physical activity. Slowly, from generation to generation, we have gotten away from meeting our daily recommendation for physical activity to almost none at all for some of us.

In the 12-week program, Active Living Every Day, participants discover how to “re-introduce” physical activity into their daily lives. They explore in later chapters how to find local and community opportunities for physical activity. The program encourages participants to find new activities and events in their neighborhoods and surrounding areas that do not require gym equipment or belonging to a recreational center. Exploring the great outdoors is a perfect opportunity that would fit this criterion.

In celebration of National Great Outdoors Month, participants can take advantage of outdoor activities such as hiking at a local park, joining a walking club, or trying yoga in the city.

As we are finishing this program session within the next week, please be watchful for the next program date in the near future. We are looking for at least 5 participants who live in Polk, Hillsborough, Highlands, Hardee, or Manatee Counties and are 60 years old or older. Please reach out to Donna Kay Dinkins for more information on this program or the Senior Connection Center for other programs in your local community.

Active Living Every Day; Steven N. Blair, Andrea L. Dunn, Bess H. Marcus, Ruth Ann Carpenter, and Peter Jaret. Human Kinetics, Third Edition; 2021.

Senior Connection Center | 8928 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619 | (813) 740-3888 |


Submitted by Donna Kay Dinkins, Health and Wellness Certified

Inspire Me To Be Healthy, LLC


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